Happiness: Yes to all

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I was so tired last night when I got home. After eleven hours out of my house I had a terrible headache. Sometimes it happens after many hours driving. So I headed to the shower and I started thinking about the people I work with everyday. So damn happy people, I thought. And about 90% of them are women. It’s all smiles!

They are happy while working, and they always say yes. I’m a very picky person when I’m working 😉 Always the best for my guests. And these stunning persons are always laughing and saying yes.















That is leaving in the countryside of Gran Canaria. Those are my tours. My happiness. So this take me to think about the quality of the products you find and are made in this gorgeous island. Gastronomy is key from the land. And our welcoming producers are happy to have you at their land, where they proudly introduce you to their toughs days.




Why those products are so amazing?? There’s love spread everywhere and people shine around. And do not take me wrong. You don’t have to hire me. Go on your own, find them, write me! I’ll be glad to share my little treasures.









Gran Canaria gastronomy is still unknown, but It’s there and It’s delightful.


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Vintage is taking off

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Again Gran Canaria is leading the vintage this year. Our wonderful microclimate has made our grapes ready to harvest.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit and taste some of our great wines. All of them homemade with Gran Canaria DOP (Protected designation of origin).

To get the best sense of Gran Canaria, do not hesitate to drive to the heart of the island and north west side. But do not forget to taste it all. Gastronomy is the key! 🙂

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Figs, olive trees, cactus, palms all over the place and the volcanic soil!

2016-07-13 10.27.47

I was told that their wines wouldn’t be probably so distinguishe2016-07-11 15.49.25d without the volcanic soil 😉

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My secrets… They are no longer mine as I’m sharing them with you all!! So here’s my tip if you are a bouncy traveller looking for adventures on your own.

AGAETE is a fish village at north Gran Canaria, quiet & very local. A nice place to try Papas arrugadas con mojo rojo (Wrinkled potatoes in red mojo sauce) or Gofio escaldado. Gofio is one of our most popular ingredients in the Canary Island and made out of sweet toasted corn with fish soup! 🙂

Aside from its gastronomy, I want to highlight my favourite spots in this village. As starters, I need you to know that there’s three important places within this Village. The fish village named Puerto de las Nieves and located by the coast, Agaete pueblo (The village), and right above the Village and heading the mountains you’ll find the Valley of Agaete (Valle de Agaete)


2015-06-09 11.54.39

Top view in the Valley.

1. The Valley: Drive to the end of the Valley. Once you reach the last bus stop on the road by Casa Esperanza Centro de Rehabilitación keep driving up. A few slope curves and you’ll reach a point of view. It has a bench for you to seat, have a look from the top of the mountains and listening to the wind while relaxing. It is the perfect spot for you to realize about the immensity of Tamadaba cliffs and the spectacular views of the Valley.

2015-02-27 13.07.11

Archeological Park of Maipés

2. On your way down to the Village, on your left hand side and right before the road reach the Village,  you can already see the Archeological park of Maipés. It is easy to see as there’s only volcanic brownish stones. An aborigine cemetery with 700 hundreds tombs in the middle of this Valley while worthy to visit. 3€ to enter and informative panels for visitors. Do not miss it!


El huerto de las Flores

3. Agaete Village has a very local 5 sense walk. Let your self get lost in the streets of this quiet place and ask for El huerto de las flores. With its own family story, this gorgeous garden with more than 100 tropical species, keeps a lot of treasures. Find your way to the garden and have a cup of Agaete’s homemade coffee. Antonio, the man in charge of this magic beverage, has opened a cafeteria right there and you can taste one of Agaete’s coffee brands. Did you know in Valle de Agaete grows the one and only artisanal coffee in Europe?? 🙂

3. Puerto de las Nieves is your last stop. During summer time you have to wait until 21pm to see the sunset. Find the sea walk and get to the natural swimming pools of Agaete. If you are having a clear day at the horizon you will see a sunset more than virtuous! The nobility of Tenerife island will turn into a stunning huge shadow with the second biggest volcano in the world, El Teide pointing the sky. Also you can have a nice swimm…

Please do not miss Agaete even though you don’t feel for my tips! And If you feel hungry and by the church of Agaete, ask for El Perola bar. A very very fine local bar with family traditional food. Her mother is usually in the kitchen cooking 😉



EAT well – TRAVEL often! 

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My guests’ opinions/La opinión de mis clientes!

The best way to understand what I do for my guest in Handmade Tours is to read what they have thought, felt and tasted. You can also check my ‘trip advisor’ account to read some more… 🙂

2015-03-10 09.11.08 2015-03-10 18.56.50 2015-03-10 18.57.11


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Podando vides/Loping vines

New year 2015 has began and all wine producers have a new task. February is almost done and they have started to lop all the vines. Vineyards look completely different from summer when they are all green and full of grapes. In only a few months they will be back to look that way. Don’t take me wrong, even being prune the picture is still beautiful on my opinion.

2015-02-06 11.26.10They need to be prune in order to optimize the production potential of the grape vine. The objective is to maintain a balance between vegetative growth and fruiting. Even more, pruning helps develop a structure that will aid the utilization of sunlight and help adapt to the characteristics of a particular grape variety, as the endemics variety of Gran Canaria. Uniques in the world!

Here some pictures of The volcano tour with a fantastic American family that had the opportunity to learn how to lop the vines, instructed by owner and enologist Luís Delfín. Wine was only tasted after the work was done 😉 Another stunning Handmade day! 🙂
2015-02-06 11.28.08

El Nuevo año 2015 ha comenzado y todos los productores de vino tiene una nueva tarea. Febrero casi ha terminado y ellos ya han empezado a podar todas las vides. Los viñedos tiene un aspect totalmente diferente al de verano cuando están verdes y llenos de uvas. No me mal entiendan, aún así podados la imagen es aún preciosa bajo mi opinion.

Las vides necesitan ser podadas para optimizar una producción potencial de las vides. El objetivo es mantener el balance entre el crecimiento vegetal y el de la fruta. Incluso más, podar ayuda a desarrollar una estructura que ayudará la utilización de la luz solar y a adaptar las características de una variedad particular de uvas, como son las variedades endémicas de Gran Canaria. Únicas en el mundo.

2015-01-19 11.24.22Aquí les dejo algunas fotos de la ruta El volcán con una fantástica familia americana que tuvo la oportunidad de aprender como se poda una vid, guiados por el propietario y enólogo Luís Delfín.

Sólo degustaron el vino después que el trabajo estuviera hecho 😉 Otro increíble Handmade día! 🙂

2015-01-27 09.35.162015-01-19 11.21.41            10849799_901876813156026_6933402771176716154_n

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Coffee/café Tour


La cueva pintada

How do you imaging yourself meeting Gran Canaria throught your taste buds? My guest requested to go to La Cueva pintada. On our way they got very impressed by the canarian bananas fields, we improvised and stopped for them to see closer… Handmade Tours is not just a tour… It’s a sense experience! Honest.




¿Cómo se imagina descubriendo Gran Canaria a través de su paladar? Mi invitados solicitaron visitar la cueva pintada. De camino quedaron muy impresionados con las plantaciones de plátanos canarios e improvisamos parando en una de las fincas… Handmade Tours no es sólo una excursión… Es una experiencial sensorial! Sinceramente.


Platano’s field


Coffee tree/cafeto


Coffee producer toasting new coffee/ productor tostando café


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Handmade Adventure!

2014-09-24 11.36.02My today customers called it a “Handmade Adventure”!! Should I get rid off the “tours”?  Awesome homemade extra virgin olive oil tour, only in Gran Canaria.

2014-09-24 17.14.29

Mis clientes de hoy lo llamaron “Handmade Adventure”!! Debería quitar el “tours”?  Una excursión increible a través del aceite de oliva virgen extra artesanal, sólo en Gran Canaria.2014-09-24 17.56.022014-09-24 15.51.52

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